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CollectionsAMPOULE CONCENTRATESThe highest concentration of nature for immediately visible effects.

Transform Your Skin With Power-Packed Beauty Ampoules For Every Skin Type
Developed to deliver potent, active ingredients to the skin, ampoules offer highly concentrated, high-tech and high-dose active ingredients to deliver results in a matter of seconds.

BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESHydra PlusAmpoule Serum Concentrate for dehydrated, dry skin. RM230.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESMulti VitaminAmpoule Serum Concentrate for fatigued, tired looking skin in need of protection. RM290.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESSOS CalmingAmpoule Serum Concentrate for instantly soothed and calmed skin with reduced redness. RM260.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESActive PurifierAmpoule Serum Concentrate for blemish prone skin. RM230.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESLift ExpressAmpoule Serum Concentrate with anti-wrinkle power for instantly smoother looking... RM310.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESPerfect GlowAmpoule Serum Concentrate for instant rejuvenation and ultimate glow. RM260.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATES3D FirmingAmpoule Serum Concentrate to treat diminished firmness of the facial contours. RM310.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESHYDRAThe ultimate boost of freshness for thirsty skin. RM230.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESHYDRAAmpoule Serum Concentrate Set for maximum moisture and flawless looking skin in just... RM280.00* / 14 ml
Sold outAMPOULE CONCENTRATESWhite CollectionLimited edition ampoule gift set with 7 different active concentrates RM270.00* / 14 ml
Sold outAMPOULE CONCENTRATESAdvent Calender 2022The BABOR AMPOULE CONCENTRATES Advent Calendar 2022 features 24 surprises for... RM690.00* / 48 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESYouth BoosterAmpoule Serum Concentrate for greater elasticity and fewer wrinkles. RM310.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESActive NightAmpoule Serum Concentrate to rejuvenate the skin overnight. RM300.00* / 14 ml
Sold outAMPOULE CONCENTRATESGrand CruUltimate Anti-Aging ampoule treatment in 3 steps for 7 days RM380.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESENERGYAmpoule Serum Concentrate Set for revitalized, strengthened, and refreshed skin in... RM270.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESLIFTINGAmpoule Serum Concentrate Set for firmer, instantly smoother, and younger-looking... RM310.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESCLEARAmpoule Serum Concentrate Set for balanced, clearer skin in just 7 days. RM230.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESAlgae VitalizerAmpoule Serum Concentrate for dry, dull skin. RM240.00* / 14 ml
Sold outAMPOULE CONCENTRATESENERGYVitalize your skin with plankton algae extracts. RM230.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESREPAIRAmpoule Serum Concentrate Set for skin that looks rejuvenated, relaxed, and recovered... RM280.00* / 14 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATESEaster Egg 2021The freshness kick to kick off spring! The beauty treatment that makes you shine. RM640.00* / 28 ml