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FaceCleansing MilkCleansing Milk

Cleansing milk is a gentle cleanser that is particularly suitable for dry or sensitive skin. The smooth emulsion gently lifts make up and impurities from the skin while at the same time maintaining the natural hydrolipid film. The result: the complexion looks deep-cleansed, rosy and fresh, without the use of water.

DOCTOR BABORUltimate Repair CleanserMild cleansing cream RM290.00* / 200 ml
CLEANSINGGentle Cleansing MilkAn exceptionally gentle, skin-friendly cleansing milk for all skin types, especially... RM210.00* / 200 ml
DOCTOR BABORDetox Lipo CleanserCleansing balsam with a detox complex RM290.00* / 100 ml