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BuyHY-ÖL CleanserA hydrophilic cleansing oil for all skin types. BABOR has combined the natural... RM187.00* / 200 ml
BuySoothing Rose TonerBalancing alcohol-free toner, for all skin types. RM187.00* / 200 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORUltimate Repair CleanserMild cleansing cream RM246.50* / 200 ml
BuyPhyto HY-ÖL Booster CalmingCalming Phyto essence for sensitive skin, for use with HY-ÖL RM162.00* / 100 ml
BuyDeep Cleansing FoamRefreshing, delicately soft cleansing foam for all skin types RM195.50* / 200 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORIntensive Calming CleanserA gentle cleanser for extremely dry, sensitive skin RM204.00* / 150 ml
BuyPhyto HY-ÖL Booster ReactivatingRevitalizing Phyto essence for mature skin, for use with HY-ÖL. RM162.00* / 100 ml
BuyPhyto HY-ÖL Booster HydratingRefreshing Phyto essence for dry skin, for use with HY-ÖL. The skincare supplement... RM162.00* / 100 ml
BuyGentle Cleansing CreamVery gentle, fragrance-free cleansing cream for sensitive skin. RM136.00* / 100 ml
BuyRefining Enzyme & Vitamin C Cleanser2-in-1 enzyme-based cleansing and peeling powder. RM204.00* / 40 g
BuyGel & Tonic Cleanser2-in-1 oil-free cleansing gel and facial toner for oily, blemish-prone skin RM178.50* / 200 ml
BuyGentle Peeling CreamGentle facial peeling scrub for dry and sensitive skin RM161.50* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORDetox Lipo CleanserCleansing balsam with a detox complex RM255.00* / 100 ml
BuyCLEANFORMANCEClay Multi-CleanserMultifunctional, two in one mild cleansing and purifying facial cleanser and mask. RM136.00* / 50 ml
BuyNatural Cleansing Bar + BoxSolid facial cleansing bar for all skin types with storage tin RM187.00* / 65 g
BuyClarifying Peeling CreamRefining facial peeling scrub for oily, blemish-prone skin RM161.50* / 50 ml
BuyHyaluronic Cleansing BalmSmoothing cleansing balm with 3D hyaluronic acid for demanding skin RM280.50* / 150 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORAHA 10+10 Peeling GelSkin-renewing fruit acid peeling gel RM569.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORAHA Peeling PadsPeeling to go – quick and convenient for a glowing complexion! RM330.00* / 60 pieces