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CollectionsDOCTOR BABORPrecise solutions for all beauty requirements.

The DOCTOR BABOR professional skincare range stands for precision cosmetics “made in Germany”. With its high-performance formulations based on select active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR sets new standards in the field of cosmeceuticals. Back in 1956, when Dr. Michael Babor developed the first precision formulas for BABOR, terms such as “cosmeceuticals” or “DOCTOR” brands had not been invented. But he knew that precisely concentrated active ingredients provide intensive care for the skin. He then went on to develop the first skincare products that were specially tailored to individual needs, in other words, “the experts for skincare at home”. The DOCTOR BABOR range is a tribute to Dr. Michael Babor and sets the highest standards in line with the DOCTOR BABOR motto: More effective – more precise – more innovative.

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BuyDOCTOR BABORDOCTOR BABOR HYDRO Bio-Cellulose MaskAn intense hydration boost for deeply hydrated, smooth and refreshed skin. RM59.50* / 1 pieces
BuyDOCTOR BABORHYALURONIC ACIDHydrating, Plumping, Smoothing | Contains 7 Ampoules (2 ml each) RM255.00* / 14 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORHyaluron CreamA 24-hour moisturizing cream for dehydrated skin showing the first signs of dryness... RM425.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORHyaluron InfusionA moisture boost for dehydrated skin showing the first signs of dryness lines. RM476.00* / 30 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORTriple Pro-Retinol Eye Zone PatchesA unique eye zone patch with a triple pro-retinol complex. Babor’s latest product... RM331.50* / 5 pieces
Sold outDOCTOR BABORBETA GLUCANCalming, Strengthening, Soothing | Contains 7 Ampoules (2 ml each) Contains 7... RM340.00* / 14 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORPEPTIDESFirming, Smoothing, Elasticity | Contains 7 Ampoules (2 ml each) Contains 7 Ampoules... RM323.00* / 14 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORCollagen Booster CreamFirms and tightens the skin. RM900.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORProtector Cellular Protecting Balm SPF 50The lightweight Protecting Balm SPF 50 is quickly absorbed without becoming sticky. RM247.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORRetinol Smoothing TonerGentle and effective toner for skin in need of regeneration. Refines and smooths. RM280.50* / 200 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORRETINOLThe refining innovation for instantly visibly smoother looking skin - Retinol +... RM323.00* / 14 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORUltimate Repair CleanserMild cleansing cream RM246.50* / 200 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORIntensive Calming CleanserA gentle cleanser for extremely dry, sensitive skin RM204.00* / 150 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORPower Serum Ampoules SetAmpoule set for an instant boost of moisture and smoother-looking, radiant skin. The... RM306.00* / 14 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORUltimate Repair MaskRich intensively regenerating cream mask RM416.50* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORSOS De-Blemish KitThe SOS Anti Blemish Kit RM580.00* / 2 pieces in the set
BuyDOCTOR BABORCollagen InfusionAn extra boost of collagen to firm and tighten skin. RM663.00* / 28 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORUltimate ECM Repair Serum RM501.50* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORAHA BHA TonerSkin type: Skin in need of regeneration, Hyperpigmentation Skin concern: Age Spots,... RM255.00* / 200 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORVITAMIN CBrightening, Anti-Wrinkle, Protecting | Contains 7 Ampoules (2 ml each) RM323.00* / 14 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORA16 Booster ConcentrateActive concentrate for an even complexion RM620.50* / 30 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORDaily Bright Serum 50mlDROP BY DROP BRIGHTER Anti-Inflammaging Age Delay RM578.00* / 50 ml