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BodyLifting & FirmingLifting & Firming

Firmness and tightness are desirable attributes, especially when it comes to body care. Skincare products that provide these benefits remodel the silhouette and ensure firmer contours. Cellulite and stretch marks in the problem areas – thighs, hips, the stomach and buttocks – are reduced, giving the skin surface a smoother and more even appearance.

BABOR SPASPA Hand Cream Limited EditionLight, fast-absorbing hand cream. RM96.00* / 100 ml
BABOR SPASPA Shaping Vitamin ACE Body CreamRich body cream – 95% ingredients of natural origin RM330.00* / 200 ml
DOCTOR BABOR3D Cellulite FluidAnti-cellulite fluid with a 3-dimensional effect RM430.00* / 140 ml