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BuyDOCTOR BABORDetox Lipo CleanserCleansing balsam with a detox complex RM300.00* / 100 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORAHA BHA TonerSkin type: Skin in need of regeneration, Hyperpigmentation Skin concern: Age Spots,... RM300.00* / 200 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORRetinol Smoothing TonerGentle and effective toner for skin in need of regeneration. Refines and smooths. RM247.50* / 200 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORTriple Pro-Retinol Renewal CreamTriple pro-retinol complex of active ingredients for a smoother and refined skin... RM792.00* / 50 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR3D Cellulite FluidAnti-cellulite fluid with a 3-dimensional effect RM430.00* / 140 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORPore RefinerSpecialist for enlarged pores. RM490.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORDetox Vitamin CreamAnti-pollution & Vitalization RM680.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORTriple Pro-Retinol Eye Zone PatchesA unique eye zone patch with a triple pro-retinol complex. Babor’s latest product... RM390.00* / 5 pieces
BuyDOCTOR BABORRebalancing LiquidBalancing facial tonic. Regulates. Calms. Strengthens. RM240.00* / 200 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORGlow Booster Bi-Phase AmpoulesBi-phase ampoule for a youthful glow RM350.00* / 7 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORAge Spot ProtectorLight day cream with SPF 30 effectively corrects existing skin tone irregularities... RM350.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORAge Spot CorrectorRich serum efficiently corrects existing skin tone irregularities. RM450.00* / 50 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORSKIN REFINE SETThis year’s Limited Edition DOCTOR BABOR Skin Refine Set does more than just... RM1,575.00* / 3 pieces in the set
Sold outDOCTOR BABORAHA 10+10 Peeling GelSkin-renewing fruit acid peeling gel RM670.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORA16 Booster ConcentrateActive concentrate for an even complexion RM730.00* / 30 ml