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BuySkinovagePurifying MaskClarifying intensive mask for oily, blemish-prone skin Taking care of oily,... RM200.00* / 50 ml
BuySKINOVAGEPurifying SerumClarifying serum for oil, blemished skin. RM420.00* / 30 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORHydro Filler Routine SetRefreshing 4-step routine for multidimensional hydration. RM480.00* / 4 pieces in the set
BuyDOCTOR BABORRetinol Smoothing TonerGentle and effective toner for skin in need of regeneration. Refines and smooths. RM330.00* / 200 ml
BuySkinovageMoisturizing Eye Gel-CreamMoisturizing eye cream The sensitive skin around the eyes requires specific care –... RM300.00* / 15 ml
BuySkinovageVitalizing SerumInvigorating serum for tired, dull skin. If the skin is lacking energy, SKINOVAGE... RM500.00* / 30 ml
Sold outSKINOVAGEVitalizing CreamFacial care cream to vitalize tired and pale skin. RM470.00* / 50 ml
BuySKINOVAGEPurifying MaskClarifying intensive mask for oily, blemished skin. RM200.00* / 50 ml
BuyNatural Cleansing Bar + BoxSolid facial cleansing bar for all skin types with storage tin RM220.00* / 65 g
BuySkinovageVitalizing MaskInvigorating face mask for tired, dull skin. Does the skin appear tired and dull and... RM240.00* / 50 ml
BuyRefining Enzyme & Vitamin C Cleanser2-in-1 enzyme-based cleansing and peeling powder. RM240.00* / 40 g
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATES3D FirmingAmpoule Serum Concentrate to treat diminished firmness of the facial contours. RM310.00* / 14 ml
BuySkinovageMoisturizing SerumMoisturizing serum for dry, dehydrated skin. The SKINOVAGE Moisturizing Serum leaves... RM500.00* / 30 ml
BuySKINOVAGEVitalizing SerumRevitalizing serum for tired, pale skin. RM490.00* / 30 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORCollagen InfusionAn extra boost of collagen to firm and tighten skin. RM780.00* / 28 ml
BuyGentle Peeling CreamGentle facial peeling scrub for dry and sensitive skin RM190.00* / 50 ml
BuySkinovageMoisturizing Foam MaskExclusive foam mask for skin Special skincare for dry skin: the SKINOVAGE... RM340.00* / 75 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORProtector Cellular Protecting Balm SPF 50The lightweight Protecting Balm SPF 50 is quickly absorbed without becoming sticky. RM290.00* / 50 ml
BuySKINOVAGERefreshing Eye PadsMoisturizing eye pads. RM200.00* / 5 pieces
BuySkinovageVitalizing Eye CreamRevitalizing eye cream. The smooth SKINOVAGE Vitalizing Eye Cream is specially... RM300.00* / 15 ml
Sold outSKINOVAGEVitalizing MaskRevitalizing face mask for tired, pale skin. RM220.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORAHA BHA TonerSkin type: Skin in need of regeneration, Hyperpigmentation Skin concern: Age Spots,... RM300.00* / 200 ml