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BuyDOCTOR BABORRETINOLThe refining innovation for instantly visibly smoother looking skin - Retinol +... RM380.00* / 14 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORSKIN REFINE SETThis year’s Limited Edition DOCTOR BABOR Skin Refine Set does more than just... RM1,575.00* / 3 pieces in the set
BuyHSR LiftingAnti-wrinkle creamLuxurious anti-wrinkle skincare cream The innovative composition of the new active... RM720.00* / 50 ml
BuyHSR Liftinganti-wrinkle foam maskLuxurious anti-wrinkle Foam Mask RM410.00* / 75 ml
BuyHSR Liftinganti-wrinkle serumLuxurious anti-wrinkle Serum RM820.00* / 30 ml
BuyAMPOULE CONCENTRATES3D FirmingAmpoule Serum Concentrate to treat diminished firmness of the facial contours. RM310.00* / 14 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORDOCTOR BABOR LIFTING Tightening Cream MaskAnti-Aging treatment for firmer looking skin. RM80.00* / 1 pieces
Sold outDOCTOR BABORDOCTOR BABOR Neuro Sensitive Cellular Cream Coated MaskHelps to quickly relieve stressed, sensitive, and dry skin. RM70.00* / 1 pieces
Sold outSkinovageComplex C CreamSkin Type: Stressed skin, Skin in need of regeneration Product Focus: Radiance &... RM500.00* / 50 ml
BuySkinovagePurifying CreamClarifying and balancing care cream for oily, blemish-prone skin. Oily, blemish-prone... RM390.00* / 50 ml
Sold outSkinovageMimical Control CreamSkin Type: Mature Skin, Dry Skin Product Focus: Anti-Aging, Hydration 24h skincare... RM500.00* / 50 ml
BuySkinovageMoisturizing CreamMoisturizing cream for dry skin. Dry skin is generally lacking in important lipids... RM384.00* / 50 ml
Sold outSkinovageRejuvenating Face OilSkin Type: Dry Skin Product Focus: Hydration, Radiance & Luminosity Exclusive facial... RM390.00* / 30 ml
BuyPhyto HY-ÖL Booster ReactivatingRevitalizing Phyto essence for mature skin, for use with HY-ÖL. RM190.00* / 100 ml
BuyHyaluronic Cleansing BalmSmoothing cleansing balm with 3D hyaluronic acid for demanding skin RM330.00* / 150 ml
BuyNatural Cleansing Bar + BoxSolid facial cleansing bar for all skin types with storage tin RM220.00* / 65 g
Sold outDOCTOR BABORICONIC 6 Skin Renewal Collection RM1,575.00* / 6 pieces in the set
Sold outDOCTOR BABORPeptide Replump SetLimited set for visibly smoother skin and a youthfully plumper-looking complexion. RM1,520.00* / 3 pieces in the set
BuyDOCTOR BABORIntense Hydration Routine SetLimited set for intensive miniaturization and a fresh complexion. RM700.00* / 3 pieces in the set
BuyCLEANFORMANCEPre- & Probiotic Moisture Glow Routine SetVegan 4-step routine for hydrated, radiant skin. RM415.00* / 4 pieces in the set
Sold outHSR LiftingHSR Lifting Xmas SetExclusive Anti-Aging Gift Set at a special price. RM990.00* / 2 pieces in the set
BuyHeavy Makeup-Remover SetLimited edition mascara and eye care set for special moments RM240.00* / 2 pieces in the set