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Sold outDOCTOR BABORAHA 10+10 Peeling GelSkin-renewing fruit acid peeling gel RM670.00* / 50 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORA16 Booster ConcentrateActive concentrate for an even complexion RM730.00* / 30 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABORFirming LipBoosterFor added lip volume RM280.00* / 15 ml
BuySKINOVAGEPurifying CreamClarifying and balancing care cream for oily, blemished skin. RM390.00* / 50 ml
BuySKINOVAGEMoisturizing Foam MaskRelaxing foaming mask for dry skin RM340.00* / 75 ml
BuySKINOVAGEPurifying MaskClarifying intensive mask for oily, blemished skin. RM200.00* / 50 ml
Sold outSKINOVAGEPurifying SerumClarifying serum for oil, blemished skin. RM420.00* / 30 ml
BuySKINOVAGECooling Eye GelRefreshing eye gel. RM350.00* / 20 ml
BuySKINOVAGEVitalizing CreamFacial care cream to vitalize tired and pale skin. RM470.00* / 50 ml
Sold outSKINOVAGEVitalizing MaskRevitalizing face mask for tired, pale skin. RM220.00* / 50 ml
Sold outSKINOVAGEVitalizing Eye CreamVitalizing eye cream RM300.00* / 15 ml
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROBOSWELLIA CONCENTRATEFor skin that feels calm and appears balanced and even looking.
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROPHYTO MOSS CREAMFor skin that looks strong and feels resilient.
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROLMS LIPID CREAMFor a stronger feeling and smoother looking skin structure.
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROEMP CONCENTRATEFor a firmer feeling and smoother looking skin structure.
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROCERAMIDE CONCENTRATEFor a smoother feeling, more resilient looking skin structure.
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROMICROSILVER CONCENTRATEFor a calmer feeling, more balanced looking complexion.
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROBETA GLUCAN CONCENTRATEFor stronger looking and calmer feeling skin.
Sold outDOCTOR BABOR PROCERAMIDE CREAMFor a stronger feeling and smoother looking skin structure.
Sold outREVERSIVEpro youth eye creamYouth activating eye care cream RM540.00* / 15 ml
BuyDOCTOR BABORComfort Vitamin C SerumLifting specialists in re-contouring, tightening, and smoothening wrinkles of the... RM420.00* / 20 ml
BuyBABOR MENInstant Energy Ampoule ConcentratesThe instant energy kick for fatigued male skin. RM250.00* / 14 ml