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EVERY YEAR IT’S TIME FOR A LIMITED EDITION OF OUR AMPOULE SERUM CONCENTRATES BOTANICAL AMPOULE Nature meets ScienceBABOR Botanical ampoule, an extract is extracted from a plant or a part of a plant by applying different solvents. The extract can then be used as an ingredient in an ampoule.BABOR using plant extracts is part of a company tradition. We have more than 60 years of experience dealing with plant extracts for our skincare.Sustainability has become more important to consumers and they want to know where ingredients are coming from. Botanicals are easy to understand and have a very positive connotation.BOTANICAL ampoule, 90% BASED ON NATURAL INGREDIENTS, 100% PERFORMANCE & 6 SETS FOR DIFFERENT SKIN TYPES
PHYTO AHA AMPOULE Active ingredient concept
Skin perfecting ampoule cure with natural AHA complex. PERFECTION Set Phyto AHA Ampoule delivers more even and youthful radiant skin in just 7 days. Immediately after application, the skin appears rosy and fresh.An 8% AHA complex of natural fruit acids derived from kumquat, lemon, and grapefruit is gentle on the skin and effective at the same time.The skin-renewing peeling effect reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and refines the skin. An extract of willow bark contains natural salicylic acid, which prevents the formation of impurities, while allantoin soothes and moisturizes. SHOP NOW
Vitalize your skin with plankton algae extracts. HYDRA Summer Ampoule Set The Hydra Plus Ampoule provides intensive moisture so that dryness lines and feelings of tension are reduced. Perfect Glow ampoule gives your skin a fresh glow.Intensively moisturizing ampoule treatment for dry skin. SHOP NOW
Vitalize your skin with plankton algae extracts. ENERGY Set Vitalizing plankton algae extracts, the marine active ingredient epocyl and polysaccharides strengthen the skin, replenish its moisture depots and make tired, stressed skin appear balanced and vital.The Algae Vitalizer Ampoule energizes the skin, while the Beauty Rescue Ampoule strengthens the skin and prepares it for new challenges. SHOP NOW
Regenerate your skin with invigorating active ingredient power. REPAIR Set The marine active ingredient Epocyl supports stressed skin, builds up its moisture depots and strengthens the skin’s own defenses. Salix Nigra Bark Extract and extracts of algae and truffle support the regeneration process and counteract signs of skin aging.Beauty Rescue Ampoule strengthens stressed skin and brings it back into balance. The Active Night Ampoule ensures refreshed skin overnight. SHOP NOW
Instant lifting effect. LIFTING Set Valuable organic silicon and extracts of tropical almond, elderflower and yellow poppy improve tissue firmness and skin elasticity. Micro red algae extract in combination with hexapeptide-48 visually reduce the depth of wrinkles. The skin appears smoother immediately after application.The 3D Firming Ampoule makes facial features appear firmer and smoother, while the Lift Express Ampoule visibly reduces lines and wrinkles with an immediate effect. SHOP NOW
Let your skin relax thanks to hemp and aloe vera. CHILL Set Hemp oil promotes the regeneration of stressed skin. Aloe vera, cactus, and panthenol soothe and intensively moisturize. Glow pigments conjure up an instantly fresh complexion.Relaxing ampoule treatment for stressed skin.
AMPOULE CONCENTRATESPERFECTIONEnjoy an even skin glow thanks to natural fruit acid. RM270.00* / 14 ml
AMPOULE CONCENTRATESHYDRAThe ultimate boost of freshness for thirsty skin. RM230.00* / 14 ml
AMPOULE CONCENTRATESENERGYVitalize your skin with plankton algae extracts. RM230.00* / 14 ml
AMPOULE CONCENTRATESREPAIRRegenerate your skin with invigorating active ingredient power. RM270.00* / 14 ml
AMPOULE CONCENTRATESLIFTINGInstant lifting effect. RM290.00* / 14 ml