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BABOR Ask for more. The art of precise skin care - we believe that BABOR can make everyone even more beautiful and thus strengthen their self-confidence.
We believe ... Beauty is something very personal. Because your skin is as individual as your fingerprint. That is why every beauty experience at BABOR begins with a skin analysis in which we clarify what your skin really wants. The treatment results in an extraordinary beauty experience that combines high-performance ingredients and an absolute pampering factor. And precisely tailored to your needs. You will see the effect.BABOR is an invitation to strong women to show their strength and get the best out of themselves. Because the brand is convinced that every woman is the best version of herself when she feels beautiful, well-groomed and comfortable in her own skin. More than 100,000 skin experts extend this invitation to you. Your professional hands get the most out of BABOR high-performance products and give you the perfectly cared-for skin that you deserve.
Our skin experts. Our ambassadors worldwide. Skin experts around the world trust BABOR. Professionals who need to know. Entrepreneurs who stand in life. You are our ambassador. Strengthening you is just as much a corporate purpose as giving you the most beautiful skin. That is why we support our partners with clever business concepts.We believe that we all have the right to ask for more. That is why we support young women at the beginning of their careers. Together with CIDESCO, the world's most renowned organization for the training of beauticians, we have launched a scholarship program to help young talents make their dreams come true.